If truth is a high priority, the way to find it is by relentlessly digging (like an archaeologist does for artifacts – sometimes you have to get your hands dirty, which includes persecution – even by those you think are your friends – while praying for discernment), then once you think you have something that finally makes sense – be a noble Berean, and do your homework! God did not tell Timothy to go sit under a shade tree and wait for holy inspiration (only a persecuted few were told this when they were to be before the Sanhedrin), or to just be consumed with the daily routines of this life; He told him (and us) to “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2Ti 2:15)

The next great restoration of truth that will sweep Christianity may be the discoveries in this series (1 – 3 topics per book). Together, as God wills, we will make the so-called “great awakening” look like a mild disagreement. We will strive to be instrumental – in whatever way we can as willing servants – in helping bring about the time when God will be “all in all,” (1Co 15:28) and all will worship the one true God. By exposing false traditions that make void the word of God, which in turn is helpful in Christ subduing His enemies; by showing who will and who will not bow the knee to scripture, which is God’s word, which is living. (1Co 15:25-26) Scripture promises us there will eventually be no more pain, sorrow, suffering or death!

Have dilemmas with church – with your understanding of God’s word? Have questions?
Don’t we ALL! Often the first step is admitting we’ve been wrong, in order to get right – and that can be the hardest part. We have answers – and if we don’t have it – we can dig together for it, because we at the CMBS (Christian Mythbuster Series) believe deception is bondage, and the truth sets us free. The CMBS website is the only website for truth seeking Christians and Non-Christians that is dedicated solely to stripping off the sheep’s clothing of myths, lies, and false doctrines being taught in today’s Christian churches.

Our Purpose

CMBS provides a long overdue forum to reveal what the Bible really teaches about Jesus and His church through accurate and proper exegesis of Scripture and known historical facts.

We bust the myths of mainstream Christian Church teachings, both past and present to expose purposely suppressed knowledge and Biblical truth and bring excitement to learning what God’s word really says – not just what we’ve been told it says. To liberate any and all, who want to learn the truth and be delivered from the oppressive theology of the “Dark Ages” church.

CMBS believes the light people saw in the so-called Great Reformation pales compared to the light being given/seen (for those who have eyes to see) today. We’re making the alleged Great reformation look like a mild disagreement, and the proof is in the pudding! CMBS strives to follow in the footsteps of the great church reformer Martin Luther. It is our goal to make it as clear as possible what the Bible teaches us and only what the Bible teaches no matter whose toes get stepped on or what organizations “sacred cows” go to slaughter. There is a Latin term used frequently by Martin Luther that you could say was his motto__ theodidacti _ literally; a people taught by God. It was his stated goal to become a theodidactus, a man taught by God through his word as opposed to putting the church doctrine and traditions ahead of the Bible and use that knowledge to educate a new generation of students. That was the base idea for what became the Reformation.

Though CMBS endorses the inerrancy of the Bible we do not promote or wholly condemn any Christian denomination or individual Christian teacher. Our intent is not to incite division, but to bring unity to the organized Church if possible, independent believer’s and lay ministries through the exposure of the myths and lies that have kept us apart. Of course there are those who will only be untied under those myths and lies. In that case, Christ said division is better (Mat 10:34) than being united in error, myths, deception. We are to be united in the truth only – once we learn it.

It is not CMBS’s intention to promote or condemn any non-Christian religion or person or any whose beliefs lay outside of orthodox Christianity. We welcome with open hearts all seekers of God and His truth. In addition we don’t condone the disparaging of anyone based on their race, culture, sexual orientation or gender.

Our Goals

Are to honor God by 1) individually and collectively grow into spiritual maturity, which includes learning to walk in the spirit (Gal 5:22ff), and multiply converts who will help in the ever-developing process of rightly dividing the Bible. That means, properly identifying fraud being perpetrated as God’s Word (truth), and to make experts at detecting and exposing such counterfeits.

This process is to include a reasonable approach to scripture that allows other’s input  to be heard out – displaying attributes of God’s Holy-spirit, because education is critical to development and growth. Proverbs 18:13 asserts it is foolish and shameful  to conclude a matter when biblical evidence arises, and not allow reasonable dialogue and debate to consider evidence, as it may surface.