The Master of Deception


Is the Devil you were taught, Real? Discover the Shocking Biblical truth!


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This is a comprehensive study on the traditional Satan, the Devil vs. the Biblical.  No stone is left unturned. How many times have we heard that our enemy is working against us to thwart God’s plan? We ask, who really is that enemy? Is it a supernatural fallen being, or is the Bible talking about human beings?

The adversary (satan, the devil) is one of several things when faced with the Biblical understanding that there is no literal cosmic Satan. The adversary is the religious leaders who sift Peter when they ask him about knowing Jesus, and Peter undergoes further sifting in his ministry by the religious leaders that are opposed to the truth. To many in that day, the satanas/adversary was the

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opposing religious factions who oppressed those who believed in Christ. Adversary is also that fleshly  inclination to protect self and justify wrong choices. Peter was certainly a follower of Christ but when confronted on it, he was sifted by that adversarial part in him that led him to deny the Christ.

Book 2 – The Master of Deception will show you that the Real Devil who Jesus knew is not the same as what the churches teach today! That’s quite a statement given the passionate  acceptance and devotion to such a teaching by the masses.  This book has already brought many to amazing freedom!